Gemma has transitioned patient care to Livewell

Livewell provides online prescriptions for birth control, acne and more, with treatments delivered right to your door.

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Livewell brings healthcare home

Care from the comfort of your home, 100% online. No waiting rooms, pharmacy lines, or stress.
Speak with a doctor or provider 24/7 over video, phone, or chat. Whenever it works for you—for free.
Get treatment in 2 days. Have medication delivered fast from our nationwide pharmacies.

How Livewell Works

how it works
Complete your online visit
Take a short quiz and have a text-based consultation with an licensed Canadian doctor.
how it works
Complete your online visit
Complete your online visit
how it works
Complete your online visit
Complete your online visit

Livewell's Services

Birth Control
Erectile Dysfunction
Who is Livewell?
Livewell is a trusted online telehealth platform that connects patients to licensed healthcare professionals in all Canadian provinces. We offer support for conditions ranging from sexual health to skincare. Through our simple online process, you can answer a few questions and connect with a licensed medical provider, who can recommend a customized treatment plan, including over-the-counter products and prescription treatment, if appropriate, shipped right to your door.
What provinces are you available in?
We are currently available in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, PEI, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador. We are working hard to be available across Canada, so stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when we are available in your province!
Where are my medical records and prescription files?
Your medical records continue to be safely maintained by Gemma Health. If you would like to transfer them to Livewell, simply email and we will transfer them over from Gemma.
Do I need to create a new account with Livewell?
Yes, you will need to create a new account on Livewell. However, if you would like to transfer your patient records over from Gemma, just send us an email at and we will arrange with Gemma to get them transferred to Livewell.
How much does Livewell cost?
Each consultation on Livewell is $20. You will only be charged if you receive care. If our medical team cannot write you a prescription, you will not be charged.